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    We are committed to a high standard of integrity which is expected of every employee and in every country where we do business.



    Worldwilde consulting, Maintenance, Technical Assistance & Service. To consolidate its position Trasfor has created an additional service arm...



    Sustainability means linking economic efficiency, environmental protection and social security with each other long term in a responsible manner to ensure a basis of life for future generations.


    Our mission

    More than 40 years of experience in the research, design an manufacture of transformers and reactors made Trasfor SA an international industry...



    Customer orientation for us means the personalization of products. This is why the wide range of products manufactured by Trasfor makes it...

    News & Events

    Milestone / History


    The name "Trasfor" is registered on the Commercial Registry by the company Ferrari & Co.


    Foundation of "Trasfor S.A."


    Introduction of the cast resin transformer.

    TRASFOR S.A. is bought by Industrie-Holding, Cham


    CHF 16,4 mio of which
    CHF 2,6 mio exported


    Industrie-Holding, Cham, sells to R.E. Amez-Droz (owner up to 1998)


    Turnover CHF 20 mio


    Building of new plant, production area doubled to 6'900 m2




    Expansion of production area by 1,000 m2


    Management buy-out by:

    • Minetti Franco
    • Palladini Gianpaolo
    • Passalaqua Lino
    • Zehnder Claudio


    ISO14001 Certification


    Introduction of oil technology in Trasfor portfolio. Turnover CHF 48 mio


    Trasfor is awarded the "Swiss Italian Prize for Entrepreneurial archievement"


    2006-2008 Large capital investement in new machineries and production - office space.


    03 October 2011: Trasfor Group is acquired by ABB and expands its transformer business.

    Dry-type transformers and inductors complement ABB portfolio and help address fast growing markets and applications.


    Trasfor has added an inline testing area in the low voltage production line to increase productivity capacity.


    Trasfor proudly obtains the OHSAS 18001 Certification.


    Modernisation and renovation all over the plant; new reception area and Lean production line for LV products